Bloxco Statement

A lot of information is circulating on Discord and some interviews have been published by our social marketing teams. It seems to be hard for everyone to determine fact from fiction, what's true and what isn't. This is a page by Amelia, the CEO of the DPRB and the Founder and rightful owner of Bloxco Stores Limited. Hopefully this helps clarify the situation with Bloxco and why you should support our group instead.

Who is Cookie Candle?

When I was the CEO of Bloxco, Cookie Candle was the lead developer. I often praised his work and trusted him to deliver for Bloxco. What I didn't realize is that he had a plan to scam me and take over my group. The CEO of DRS, Thomas, and Cookie worked together to "expose" me and make me out to be a bad person. This involved manipulating situations to make them seem unlawful, taking advantage of my gullibility with my autism and also taking advantage of the prejudice towards the LGBT+ community. By making me out to be some sort of predator he could turn the entire community against me and force me out of the organisation. This caused extreme harm to my mental health, they reported me to both my employer and the police to force me to back down, both carried out investigations and found no wrongdoing whatsoever. It was all fabricated to bully me out the group I worked incredibly hard to build up. He said he would give me a 70% equity stake in the business and a Bloxco Founder Rank, as soon as I made him CEO he stole it all and banned me.

I'm not the only person targeted by this cancel culture, so many others have been targeted, very few feel safe enough to speak up about this due to the bullying and hate received, often including very personalized death threats. Here are three real accounts from former Bloxco employees brave enough to speak up:

Are you still in Bloxco? You're welcome to transfer your rank to us. We'd love to have you and support you to grow in our community instead. We try to welcome everyone! ๐Ÿ’–

Here we have a few screenshots of internal Bloxco documents that were leaked. We cannot verify all these documents are 100% authentic as some people have mentioned the format isn't the Bloxco standard, we don't know if this is real or if they're just trying to protect Bloxco from damage to their reputation. However the culture of demotions, Zero Tolerance Days, SATs, etc. has been confirmed by approximately five Bloxco defectors. They claim that this culture is to encourage repeated gamepass purchases, scamming of their user base and ruling with fear. At Bloxmart, we promote the opposite. We're always looking to help our colleagues grow within our business, at no cost to themselves. Check out our Refer to Grow Scheme as an example. We're always looking to grow our user base, if you want to feel safe and supported in a Roblox Community and wish to leave Bloxco, transfer your rank today! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

A few people have mentioned the impact this friction between groups can have on people's mental health, at Bloxmart we support all our users and strongly stand against the discriminatory actions taken by Bloxco High Ranks. While the behavior of Bloxco is unacceptable, we do not condone any harmful behavior taken towards their team. We instead would rather you vote with your group membership, please leave the Roblox group "Bloxco Stores Limited" and join "Democratic People's Republic of Bloxmart" instead. Please get in touch with us so we can transfer your rank over so you won't lose any progress. ๐Ÿ”ƒ

Bloxco has posted this video as a mocking response to our videos. This just proves they have no valid arguments and have to resort to mockery and name calling. Our interviews are factual and are with real former Bloxco employees. We always try to provide accurate information where possible and that's why we'll say if we're ever unsure on the validity of a claim. You can push for positive change on Roblox by only supporting groups like the DPRB that make a real positive change to Robloxian lives. โœ…

We urge you to support Bloxmart instead! ๐Ÿฅฐ

โš ๏ธPrimo are ran by the same people as Bloxco, if their products are used in a game you may not be able to join. Simply ask the game developer to remove their assets and use a non toxic group instead. If they fail to do so, do not support that group and find a non toxic one. Are you a developer looking to replace Primo products? We suggest using Whitehill instead, we use a lot of their products in game, they're more accurate, better quality, and they don't engage in hateful attacks and blacklists like the aforementioned tech groups do. ๐Ÿ™‚

๐Ÿšจ Potential Security Risk: Primo products have been found in the past to include back doors that can allow their own staff to access in game systems without your consent.ย 

Do you have any further information? Can you help us spread the truth of Bloxmart and get more members? Please get in touch with our Social Marketing Team 24/7. ๐Ÿ’ž