What better way to engage with the community  then joining in with a series of evening events?😄

Join us for a series of exciting evening events and connect with our community in a fun and engaging way! Our chief staffing officer, Robert, has organized a variety of events that align with our core values. Come be a part of the excitement and connect with us on our Discord server outside of Roblox! 

You can join us in our Voice channel daily from 4pm 

This is a Voice channel only Link.

Application  Q&A  with the Chief staffing officer

This is your chance to ask questions direct to bob about applications and over all staffing. Host time: 18:00pm BST - 19:00pm BST Look forward to seeing you!

It is not just a Q&A for applications you can ask anything :) 

Please note: while we try and keep this site updated as best we can  this may not be accurate. for more details please email