Grow our Group to Grow your Career! 🌱

Are you a Bloxmart Store Colleague? Do you want to earn a promotion and work up the ranks? Our new Refer a Friend scheme may be for you! 🀩

Not yet a colleague? Sign up here! πŸ‘€

Two Roblox characters holding hands while wearing a Bloxmart Sunflower Lanyard in front of a sunset. Beneath their feet is text that reads: We stick together, we help each other, we appreciate each other, for who we are.

Refer five people to be promoted in store! πŸ₯³

What will I get? You will be promoted to the next available rank.
Customer Assistant to > Either Trainee Security Officer or Trainee Team Support (it's your choice!) > Then it goes to SIA Security Officer or Service Team Support (depending on pathway chosen) > Then it's Trainee Store Management > to Assistant Management > to Store Management.
Can I keep being promoted by referring lots of people? Yes. The requirement is +5 for each subsequent promotion. Once you've been promoted for five referrals, you need to get ten additional referrals for another promotion on this scheme, then fifteen, twenty, etc. The only limit to the amount of in store promotions you can receive under this program is that of the highest possible store rank, which is six.

What do I need to do? 😲

Referred colleagues still need to purchase or transfer a rank as usual. This scheme doesn't change the way they apply, they just need to let us know when they get ranked. They're eligible for this scheme regardless of how their rank was legitimately obtained, as long as you referred them.

They need to inform the colleague ranking them so that a time stamped logbook entry note can be filed on our Human Resources System at the start of their career with us. This way we know you referred them at the start of their career and haven't fabricated it later.

They must not have worked for Bloxmart previously. We can verify this with Hyra's Activity Tracking Software, as it only tracks employees. If we see staff activity from before the referral then it will be rejected and could be investigated further.

You must not have sourced them from our own Discord server. They can be in our server already, but find people from real life or other Roblox groups. If you've nagged them from our Discord they already know about Bloxmart, you haven't really referred them so that doesn't count.

When can I claim my promotion? 😁

You can claim your promotion after the people you referred have met their activity targets for two weeks. Help ensure they meet these targets by having them join you in game and attending shifts together. Their attendance results in your success as it demonstrates you have good leadership and colleague retention skills! Once you've checked the people you referred have met their targets (They have the two green boxes in Assignments on Hyra for two weeks as pictured. It does not have to be two consecutive weeks, the weeks after they were ranked, or the same weeks as your other candidates) you can contact head office to be promoted. The PTA will log your promotion in your Hyra Log Book as well as making a note in the log books of the five people you referred. If you referred more than five and they've met or go on to meet the requirements of two weeks of targets then you can carry them over to your next claim for promotion, as stated in the below document.

We've made a document for you to track your referrals, and claim your promotion easily. You can download it here! Please ensure this is completed in full so we can compare it with our records.

Couldn't I just lie or make alts? ⚠️

No. We validate every claim for promotion via a number of sources, including but not limited to; Roblox, Hyra, Discord, etc. It's very easy for us to spot fake accounts and the consequences are not worth it. Our team is trained in fraud and security and can tell the difference between genuine mistakes and intentional fraud. If you're caught committing fraud against the Democratic People's Republic of Bloxmart you will face a permanent ban from all our services which will greatly impact your Roblox career and we will report you to Zaria (the Discord & Roblox Fraud Register), which is partnered with thousands of groups, and so it will cause issues in other groups.πŸ”¨

Is this the only way to be promoted? πŸ€”

Absolutely not! All existing and future avenues for promotion will still apply, and we'll continue to support your growth within the DPRB as much as we can. While we understand this pathway may not be the fastest system for everyone, it provides a great option for those of you that like to sell and are good with people. If you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch!

Now I've been promoted all the way to Store Management can I go into Head Office next?

Of course! However, in order to progress into head office positions you would need to apply and be interviewed. We can't rank you based on referrals alone as this scheme only covers store ranks. We do encourage you to continue referring however and your history and activity records from this scheme will be worth putting on any application. It shows dedication and reliability and will make you stand out against other candidates. We'd encourage you to check out #applications in our Discord Server for any currently available head office opportunities.