Welcome to the Democratic People's Republic of Bloxmart! πŸ‘‹


We're innovating on Roblox while keeping our members at the heart of what we do.

Our group has revolutionized Roblox. Our CEO, Amelia, has a lifetime of experience running and participating in various Roblox groups and founded the leading retail group on Roblox. We're also innovating in the aviation sector, with our "flag carrier", Moderley Airlines, led by Joe. We also look to offer products and services that make the running of other groups in the community easier, and we're always open to alliance requests. Ingrained in everything we do is our people. Too many Roblox groups put profit first and completely neglect their user base, the DPRB is different. We use ground breaking technology to support our people and ensure everyone is aware of the chain of command in place to look after our team during their virtual careers with us.Β 

We aim to be the most forward thinking, innovative, supportive and welcoming Roblox group for absolutely everyone.

Our latest retail game release is our Bloxmart Alloa Superstore, inspired off of the Asda Alloa Superstore in Scotland. The game features working checkouts, products, customer service desk, etc. Click here to join the game. πŸ₯³

Have you joined our Community Discord Server?

Do you want to be the first to know all the latest from the DPRB? The best way to get involved with our community is to join our Discord Server by clicking here.Β 

Looking to purchase, or transfer a rank?

The fastest way to get ranked is via our ranking hub! Find out more by clicking here. Once claimed, contact our 24/7 worldwide support team to be asssigned your role and start your Roblox career today.

Looking for Colleague Handbook, Rank Information, Sessions, etc?

You'll find that on our Human Resources management platform, Hyra.io - simply login with your Roblox account and all your progress will be saved.

Meet our Senior Leadership Team! πŸ’–

Chief Executive Officer

Amelia πŸ“žπŸ“§ (Contact PA)

Amelia founded the leading, most innovative retail group on Roblox. She is now the CEO and owner of the DPRB, including subsidaries.

CEO's Personal Assistant

Fab πŸ“ž 1002 πŸ“§ fab@moderley.com

Fab is experienced in Roblox Human Resources Management, he's reliable and dedicated and takes great care in his roles.

Chief Staffing Officer

Bob πŸ“ž 1008 πŸ“§ bob@moderley.com

Bob is our kind and dedicated CSO. You'll often spot him in game and in our Discord server. He's always dedicated to supporting our team and growing our group! and now concentrates on recruiting and supporting our members.

Chief Operating Officer

Albert Β πŸ“ž 1005 πŸ“§ Albert@moderley.com

Albert manages our day to day operations. You'll often spot him in game and in our Discord server. He's always dedicated to Finding new things to develop and growing our group!

HR People Director

FinπŸ“ž 1011 πŸ“§ Fin@moderley.com

Fin is our friendly and experienced People Team Director. He's in charge of Human Resources at Bloxmart, and leads our People Team Advisors that handles our contact centres.

Chief Development Officer

Daniel πŸ“ž 1004 πŸ“§ daniel@moderley.com

Daniel is our talented Chief Development Officer, he's an experienced employee of Whitehill group, our POS supplier. His experience and skill helps to build our games.

Aviation Sector Lead

Joe πŸ“ž 1009 πŸ“§ Joe@moderley.com

Joe is our expert on all things RoAviation! He Is our Department Manager in Moderley Airlines.

Our team has been through the worst, to bring you the best.

It's a sad reality that many groups on Roblox mistreat their members and discriminate based off of protected characteristics. We are proud to give equal opportunities to everyone. We go out of our way to support members with accessibility needs so they can feel safe and supported to thrive in the DPRB. Often players have faced discrimination and poor treatment in various other popular Roblox groups. We lead the way in assuring all disabilities are understood and supported and accessibility is taken into account in everything we do. We try our best to hire a diverse team from all over the world, with various socio-economic backgrounds and nationalities. We are an LGBT+ and disability led organisation meaning our organisation leaders understand many of the struggles our members go through and where we don't, we're always willing to learn. We also have pronoun roles on Discord, on email signatures and internal head office systems. We're always open to suggestions on how we can make our group more accessible, if you have any please let us know.Β