Moderley Airlines

Moderley Airlines is coming soon! On this page you'll be able to find information about our Roblox flights.

The Aviation Sector Lead is Joe, for his contact information click here.

You can also Email Moderley Airlines at

Boeing 737 Max Faults...

So we thought we'd be good to fly the 737 Max, after they sorted all the issues with MCAS. However recently one of the doors blew up mid flight and caused a rapid decompression of the aircraft. Our Aviation Sector Lead, Ritchie (pictured) is still coming to terms with how to rectify this issue. Perhaps using Airbus aircraft would be safer as they're built in the European Union and are regulated to strong safety standards as opposed to the American giant Boeing that can pretty much self certify anything without properly checking it's safe. We promise once our airline launches it will be somewhat safe. 🙂

Personal Statement from our aviation sector lead 😀

Hello! My name is Joe and I am the Aviation Sector Lead (ASL) at Moderley Group. My Long term aim for Moderley Airlines, is to foster a Slay-tastic and inclusive Airline that serves the DPRB. Currently, we are working on 2 Bases for you to enjoy and depart from. One includes Edinburgh Airport  (EDI), Which I and the team are working on. If you have any concerns, you know where to find me. In the discord, On the phone or via email. On behalf of the Moderley Group, We thank you.  "Moderley Airlines, We'll get you there... Probably-"